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GE documents from outside the CRT department.

GE Doolittle 1954 Mass Spectrometer Analyses of Picture Tubes - Using a mass spectrometer to analyze vacuum impurities. This is much easier and cheaper to do today.

GE_Dunkerley 195- Calculation of Heat Transfer for Water-Cooled Metal-Jacketed Hg Pool Tubes - No date but likely mid-1950s.

GE Lamp Wire & Phosphors Dept 1957 Tungsten at a Glance - Physical and chemical properties of tungsten.

GE Roth 1959 The Stabilization of Tantalum Carbide Filaments at High Temperatures · - Tantalum carbide melts at 4150°K, 500° higher than tungsten, so is interesting as an incandescent filament. However, it is very brittle and hard to work with. This paper explores treatments to make TaC easier to handle.

GE Nalin 1965 The Ionization Guage Calibration of Color Guns - Experiments to correlate ionization current measurements with actual vacuum in color picture tubes. In 1965, GE started making its first color CRTs commercially.