Raytheon Manufacturing Company
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Here are various documents from Raytheon. Some are internal documents and some are for the general public.

Raytheon 1937 Radio Receiving Tubes - A 1937 Receiving Tube Databook with lots of application information.

Raytheon 1940 Characteristic Data Chart - A listing of Receiving tubes, ballast tubes, and miniature lamps in chart form.

Raytheon Blackwell 1944 Pentode No 3 Grid Mutual Conductance Characterisitcs - A study of the transconductance from grid #3 to the plate of various RF pentodes: 78, 6S7G, 7B7, and 6SD7GT.

Raytheon Freedman 1944 Correlation of Weight & Diameter for Various Grid Winding Wires - An analysis of diameter (in inches) versus density (mg/200 mm) for eight different types of grid winding wire.

Raytheon Blackwell 1944 RF Pentode Rp and gm as Affected by Number 3 Grid Pitch - A study of the effect of varying the grid #3 pitch (turns per inch) on the mutual conductance and plate resistance of these RF pentodes: 78, 6SD7GT, 7A7, and 7B7.