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Application Notes target the design engineer with ideas and assistance in designing-in RCA products. Distributed to the general public. The ones before 1960 came from the Kenneth Fletcher collection and the later ones came from the Harold Ulmer collection.

RCA 1933 AN-5 Application of the 79 Tube - A push-pull class B amplifier for automobile radios.

RCA 1933 AN-25 Influence of Circuit Constants on Receiver Output Noise - Summary of the causes of receiver noise and techniques for minimizing it.

RCA 1933 AN-29 Design of Audio Systems Employing Type 2A3 Power Amplifier Triodes - Circuits for push-pull 2A3 amplifiers using fixed, semi-fixed, and cathode bias. Performance curves and transformer winding data included.

RCA 1935 AN-52 Class AB Operation of Type 6F6 Tubes Connected as Triodes - Push-pull triode-connected 6F6s run in class AB2. Circuits and performance curves are given. Up to 18.8 Watts achieved.

RCA 1935 AN-53 6L7 as a Volume Expander for Phonographs - A simple volume-expander to be used with phonographs.

RCA 1935 AN-54 Class AB of Type 6F6 Tubes Connected as Pentodes - Push-pull pentode-connected 6F6s run in class AB2. Circuits and performance curves are given. Up to 18.5 Watts achieved. Interesting to compare with triode mode (AN-52) with nearly the same results.

RCA 1936 AN-55 Operation of the 6A8 - Design subtleties when using the 6A8 pentagrid converter tube. Includes notes on alignment.

RCA 1936 AN-56 Receiver Design - Various tidbits to improve receiver performance, covering: A.V.C., Multi-Purpose Tubes (i.e. 6Q7, etc.), R-F Circuit, Rectifier Tube Shields, the 6E5, and the 84.

RCA 1936 AN-57 The 6L7 as an R-F Amplifier - Using the 6L7 as an RF or IF amplifier gives improved AVC control.

RCA 1936 AN-58 Receiver Design - Various tidbits to improve receiver performance, covering: Power Output of the 6R7, Voltage Rating of Tubes, Series-Filament Operation of 2-Volt Tubes, Rectifier-Tube Sputter, and Increased Current Rating of the 6H6.

RCA 1936 AN-59 Operation of the 6Q7 - Design consideration in using the triode section of the 6Q7.

RCA 1936 AN-60 Operation of the 6L6 - Explanation of how a beam-tetrode works, plus ten different operating scenarios for the 6L6.

RCA 1936 AN-61 The Conversion of a 6L6 Plate Family to New Screen Voltage Conditions - Technique for generating plate characteristics for different screen voltages in beam tetrodes.

RCA 1936 AN-62 A New Operating Condition for Two Type 6F6 Tubes Connected as Pentodes - Optimum operating conditions for push-pull 6F6s running in class AB1. 15 Watt output achieved.

RCA 1936 AN-63 A High-Gain Single-Tube Phase Inverter - By using a floating detector, a single high-mu triode can be used to drive a push-pull output stage.

RCA 1936 AN-64 Inverse-Feedback Circuits for A-F Amplifiers - The need for speaker damping and ways to achieve it, with an emphasis on negative feedback from plate to grid.

RCA 1936 AN-65 Tuning-Indicator Circuits for the 6E5 and 6G5 - Techniques of using the 6E5 and 6G5 tuning eye tubes in a receiver. Note: the 6U5 is equivalent to the 6G5.

RCA 1936 AN-66 Equal Plate and Screen Voltage Operation of the 6L6 - Operation of the 6L6 with identical plate and screen voltages.

RCA 1937 AN-67 Resistance-Coupled Audio-Frequency Amplifiers - Detailed operating conditions and circuit values for pentodes and triodes as audio amplifiers. Seems to be the basis of the RC-coupled data seen in the RCA tube manuals.

RCA 1937 AN-68 A 55-Watt Amplifier Using Two Type 6L6 Tubes - Pushing the 6L6 to the limit - using two in a 55-Watt class AB2 amplifier.

RCA 1937 AN-69 250-Volt Low Current Operation of the 6L6 - Single-ended and push-pull use of the 6L6 at low plate voltage and current.

RCA 1937 AN-70 An Exposure Meter for Cathode-Ray Oscillographs - A simple exposure meter that compares the trace brightness with a lightbulb.

RCA 1937 AN-72 A 40-Watt Operating Condition for Two 6L6 Tubes - A less powerful class AB2 amplifier. Includes transformer design, power supply considerations, and performance curves.

RCA 1937 AN-73 Operation of the 25L6 in Typical Circuits - Circuits and performance curves of the 25L6 in a variety of radio circuits.

RCA 1937 AN-74 A New High-Voltage Choke-Input Rating for the 5T4 - A choke-input filter allows higher input voltage: 550Vrms.

RCA 1937 AN-75 Receiver Design - Various tidbits to improve receiver performance, covering: Eliminating blocking in battery-operated receivers, Increasing the gap in single-ended output transformers, alignment problems with converter tubes, double-diode AVC circuit, and eliminating oscillations in audio output stages.

RCA 1937 AN-76 An Audio-Frequency Curve Tracer Using a Cathode-Ray Tube - A simple but clever way to do a frequency response sweep of an amplifier.

RCA 1938 AN-84 The Operation of Phototubes - Detailed application of phototubes, especially for sound playback purposes.

RCA 1938 AN-85 Operation of the 6AC5-G - Using two 6AC5G tubes in a class B mobile audio amplifier.

RCA 1938 AN-86 Operation of the 6Y6-G - Using the 6Y6G in single-ended and push-pull amplifiers with low B+ voltage. The 6Y6G is essentially a 6.3V version of the 50L6GT.

RCA 1938 AN-96 A Voltage Regulator for D-C Power Supplies - A voltage regulator using either a 2A3 or 45 as the pass tube.

RCA 1938 AN-98 The Operation of Single-Ended Tubes - A description and application of the new single-ended tubes: 6SJ7, 6SK7, 6SF5, and 6SQ7.

RCA 1958 AN-174 Design-Maximum System for Rating Electron Tubes - Definition of Design-Maximum rating system, compared to the old Design-Center and Absolute-Maximum systems. Includes the 30-page JETEC J5-C3 spec which shows the development of the Design-Maximum system in a variety of circuits. Important.

RCA 1960 AN-187 Photometry as Applied to Camera and Cathode-Ray-Tube Applications - Definitions and measurements of camera, CRT, and scene lighting.

RCA 1960 AN-188 Comparison of Picture-Tube Performance in Grid-Drive and Cathode-Drive Service - Cathode drive is more sensitive but has more defocussing than grid drive.

RCA 1960 AN-189 New 100-Ma Tubes for 120V Series-Heater-String Home Radio Receivers - Replacing the "All-American Five" tubes with the new 100 mA tubes. Also a low-cost four-tube radio.

RCA 1960 AN-190 AC-DC Stereo Amplifiers Using Output Tubes Having 100 mA Heaters - Three different low-cost amplifiers using the new 100 mA tubes.

RCA 1961 AN-191 RCA 6CW4 and 2CW4 Nuvistor Triodes as RF Amplifiers - Improvement in RF performance in TV tuners using Nuvistors.

RCA 1961 AN-192 Use of the 6939 UHF Twin Power Pentode in RF-Amplifier and Frequency-Tripler Service - Aplication of the 6939.

RCA 1961 AN-193 Use of the 7587 Industrial Tetrode - Benefits of the Nuvistor tetrode.

RCA 1963 AN-195 Noise and Gain of the 8056 Nuvistor Triode at 200 Mc - A low-voltage Nuvistor RF amplifier.

RCA 1963 AN-196 Temperature Ratings and Thermal Considerations for Nuvistor Tubes - How to keep your Nuvistors cool.

RCA 1963 AN-197 New High-Gain Tubes for IF-Amplifier and Limiter Stages of FM Tuners - The 6HR6 and 6HS6. These were the only high-performance RF/IF pentodes that had the same pin-out as the 6AU6/6BA6. Unfortunately, they came late in the game and are now very scarce.

RCA 1963 AN-199 Snivets - "Snivets" or Barkausen oscillations in TV sweep tubes and how to reduce them.

RCA 1963 AN-200 Techniques for Measuring Electron-Tube Bulb Temperatures - A simple way of measuring bulb temperature.