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The RCA "Research Booklets" were sent to licensees of the RCA patent pool. Unlike the "Laboratory Booklets", these are more theoretical and less practical. The booklets here go from RB-3 to RB-134, with gaps, covering the years of 1955 to 1957.

This listing is complete - all the Research Booklets from the Von Campbell collection are here.

RB-3 The Direct Conversion of Radiation into Electrical Energy

RB-5 Photoconductivity of the Sulfide Selenide and Telluride of Zn or Cd

RB-14 An Electroliminescent Light-Amplifying Picture Panel

RB-19 Photoconduction in Germanium and Silicon

RB-24 Instantaneous Light Output and Build-Up Effects in Electroluminescent Phosphors

RB-28 Basic Transistor Device Concepts

RB-32 Spectral Distribution of Photoconductivity

RB-35 Comparison of Surface-Excited and Volume-Excited Photoconduction in CdS Crystals

RB-36 Luminescence in Electronically Active Solids

RB-44 Multi-Alkali Photocathodes

RB-52 Viewing Storage Tubes

RB-64 Semiconductor Alloys

RB-71 Analysis of Photoconductivity Applied to CdS-type Photoconductors

RB-76 The Lateral Photoeffect and its Application to a New Type of Semiconductor Photocell

RB-78 Field Electroluminescence in Insulating Crystals of CdS

RB-81 Photoelectric Emission

RB-104 Vapor Pressure Data for the More Common Elements

RB-105 Improvements in the Panel Light Amplifier

RB-124 Ferroelectricity-Properties of Thiourea

RB-125 Biperiodic Focusing for High-Density Electron Beams

RB-134 Differential Method of Lag Compensation in Photoconductive Devices