Ganti's original Randall amplifier

Sridhar "Ganti" Gantimahapatruni is a software engineer who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He originally built his Randall amplifier in the Randall Museum class, but in the never-ending quest for better sound, started modifying it. This amplifier is the end result of this work. This amp is no longer in existance, since it was stripped-down to supply parts and a chassis for his next project.

Although this amp slowly evolved from the original Randall circuit, it now has many changes: a single driver stage using a 7788 (triode-connected), 6B4Gs replace the EL34s, the rectifiers are damper tubes, and the driver is transformer-coupled to the output tubes (using the Lundahl LL-1635). The transformers on the black boxes on each side of the chassis are UBT-2 transformers used as choke loads for shunt-feed. Ganti experimented with and without shunt feed, and found that no shunt feed was more musical. The yellow/red wires running along the top of the chassis go to external DC power supplies, since the 6B4Gs need DC on their filaments in single-ended mode to avoid hum.