Military Radio Equipment

AM-864/U Limiting Amplifier schematic
AN/SRR-13A receiver information page
AN/UPM-53 radar test set schematics
AN/WRR-2B receiver information, pictures
BC-312 receiver schematic
BC-314A receiver schematic
BC-322 transceiver schematic
BC-438 frequency meter schematic
BC-455 command set receiver schematic
BC-456 command set modulator schematic
BC-604 FM transmitter schematic
BC-605 Interphone amplifier schematic
BC-610D transmitter (p/o SCR-299/399/499) schematic
BC-611 walkie-talkie transceiver schematic
BC-614 speech amplifier (p/o BC-610) schematic
BC-620A manpack transceiver schematic
BC-645 IFF transponder schematic
BC-652A receiver schematic
BC-653A transmitter schematic
BC-696 "command" transmitter schematic
BC-764 receiver ("Super-Pro") schematic
BC-764A receiver ("Super-Pro") schematic
BC-764B receiver ("Super-Pro") schematic
BC-779B receiver ("Super-Pro") manual
BC-787 receiver schematic
BC-792A receiver schematic
BC-903 receiver, part of SCR-255 direction finder schematic
BC-904 transmitter, part of SCR-255 direction finder schematic
BC-906 frequency meter schematic
BC-946 "command" receiver schematic
BC-973A DF receiver schematic
BC-1000 transceiver schematic
BC-1003A DF receiver schematic
BC-1004 receiver ("Super-Pro") manual
BC-1060-A oscilloscope schematic 
BC-1066 receiver (IFF test set) schematic
BC-1206 beacon receiver schematic
GRC-9 mobile radio schematics
MD-22B/URA-T1 modulator schematic
O-39B/TRA-7 Frequency Shift Exciter schematic
OS-8C oscilloscope manual w/schematic 
R1155 British aircraft receiver description and manual 
RAK/RAL Navy receivers description(RAK), description(RAL)
RAL-7 (CRV-46156) partial manual
RBL Navy receiver (CNA-46161) schematic
RCG General Coverage Marine receiver (RCA AR-8505) manual w/schematic
R-390A/URR receiver FAQ page (lots of links, schematics, manuals, etc.)
R-392/URR receiver manuals, schematics, etc., information
SCR-300 walkie-talkie (includes BC-1000) technical manual
TBL Navy transmitter description
TS-505D/U VTVM schematic
USM-24C oscilloscope schematic

Recommended Archive Sites:

Keiths Vintage RACAL Enthusiasts Site - descriptions and photos (no schematics) of RACAL equipment
VE3BDB's Wireless Set No. 19 Site - Lots of info on this WW2 tank radio.
Wireless for the Warrior - British military radio
W7NPA's Manual Page - lots of military manuals 

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