Radiation Measuring Equipment

These are manuals that I have scanned myself:

Heathkit RC-1 Radiation Counter partial manual
Hoffman 216-C Countmaster schematic
Hoffman Hunter model 223-1 Geiger Counter schematic
Jordan 750-5 Dosimeter Charger user's manual
RCA WF-10A, WF-11A Geiger Counter schematic
RCA WF-12A, WF-14A Geiger Counter schematic
RCA WF-15A, WF-16A Geiger Counter schematic
US Navy PP-354D/PD Radiac Detector Charger manual
US Navy Radiac Set AN/UDR-9 manual
Victoreen 570 Condenser R-meter manual w/schematic
Victoreen CD V-700 Survey Meter user's manual
Victoreen CD V-715 Survey Meter user's manual

Interesting Radiation Articles:

Geiger Counter Tubes by Herbert Friedman (Proceedings of the I.R.E., July 1949) (19 Mbytes)
    A detailed article on both the theory and implementation of Geiger counter tubes ca. 1949.
Measure Atomic Radiation, Part 2 by Carl L. Henry (Radio-Electronics. Sept. 1962)
    Circuits and construction info on both an ionization detector and a Geiger counter, using subminiature tubes.
A Portable Scintillation Counter by Irving G. Snyder (Radio & Television News, April 1955)
    Two circuits for complete NaI(Tl) scintillation counters using subminiature tubes.
A Simple Geiger Counter by Harry R. Fetcher & M. R. Boyd (Radio & Television News, July 1954)
    A bare minimum geiger counter using a spark-gap rectifier and one tube.

Recommended User Groups:

Geiger Counter Enthusiasts - https://groups.io/g/GeigerCounters
Gamma Spectrometry - https://groups.io/g/GammaSpectrometryGroup

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