Old Radios & B&W TV & Color TV

This is an area that is dominated by commercial information resellers. One outstanding exception is Nostalgia Air, which has a growing data base of radio schematics. Some of the links here point to Nostalgia Air's database, but if you can't find it here, check with them.

There is some overlap with Ham Radio and Consumer Audio equipment, so check those categories also.

Admiral 16G9B Television (1961) manual w/schematic
Admiral 19A1 Television (1949)
Admiral 20A1, 20B1, 21A1 Television (1949) schematic
Admiral 20C7 television & AM/FM radio (1960) service manual w/schematic
Admiral 30A1, 30B1, 30C1 television and optional AM/FM receiver (1949) schematics
Andrea 1F5, KTE5 pre-war television schematic
Atwater-Kent 1927 Radio Instruction Book, 4th Ed.
Bendix 85BH AM car radio for the 1958 Lincoln schematic
Bendix 88BH FM adapter for above radio (85BH) schematic
Bendix - Volkswagen RO BT, RO BV AM car radios for late 1950s VWs schematic
Browning pre-war FM tuner schematic
Brunswick S-14, S-21, S-31 radio and "panatrope" (record player) manual w/schematics
Cadillac-Delco 7272525 car radio (1958) schematic
Delco - Cadillac model 7270625 AM car radio for 1958 Cadillac 75 series schematic
Delco - Cadillac model 7272525 AM car radio schematic
DeTeWeVE301 German 'Volksempfaenger' radio picture & schematic (de)
Dumont 180, 181, 182, 183 pre-war television data w/schematic
Dumont 180 type 3 pre-war television schematic
Dumont 180X, 181X, 182X, 183X pre-war television data w/schematic
Dumont RA103 television (1948) schematic
Dumont RA-166 through RA-171 television (1954) service manual w/schematics
Farnsworth 651-P and 661-P televisions, ca. 1948 schematic
Emerson 609 projection television (ca. 1947) service manual w/schematic
Freed-Eisemann Instruction Book (ca. 1925)
GE 417-A Radio Phonograph with FM (ca. 1947) schematic
GE HM-80 pre-war FM radio
GE 12T1, 12T2, 12C101, 12C102, 12C105 television, (1950) schematic

GE 19C101 television (1950) schematic
GE 21C700, 21C701, 21T500 color TV (1956) schematic
GE HM-171 pre-war television
GE LY chassis (1963) schematic
GE 801, their first post-war television schematic
GE 9T001, 9T002 television ("belly-telly") (ca. 1956) schematic
General Radio 210 Amplifier, 250 Amplifier, 390 Eliminator schematic
General Radio 320, 360, 360-A Oscillators schematic
Grundig-Majestic TV 858 television schematic
Heathkit AR-1 AM/SW radio manual w/schematic
Heathkit BR-1 AM radio schematic
Heathkit BR-2 AM radio schematic
Heathkit FM-1 FM tuner manual w/schematic
Heathkit GR-24 transisitor AM radio schematic
Heathkit GR-151A transisitor AM radio schematic
Heathkit TCR-1 transisitor AM clock radio schematic
Heathkit XR-2 transisitor AM radio schematic
KLH Eight table-top FM Radio schematic
Meissner 9-1091 AM/FM tuner schematic
Mercury-Philco M-5741 car radio schematic
Motorola model 19P1 transistor TV (1960) schematic
Motorola model 44 auto radio manual w/schematic 
Motorola 12VK15 and 16VK7 televisions (chassis TS-16 & TS-30) (1949) schematic

Motorola FM-900 FM car radio schematic
Motorola chassis TS-9 television (ca. 1947) schematic
Muntz model 21CB, etc., 24CB, etc. (chassis J) television (1959) schematic

Muntz model 621
televsion (ca. 1957) schematic
Muntz model 624 televsion (ca. 1957) schematic
National NC-TV 10T televsion (1949) parts list and schematic
National NC-TV 10T televsion (1949) service manual w/schematic
Nora K5W German radio info & schematic
Packard-Bell 17VK1 televison (Ch. V8-5) television (1962) schematic
Philco 46-431 AM/SW radio service manual p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4, p.5, p.6, p.7, p.8
Philco 48-1000, 48-1050 television (1948) schematic
Philco 48-1262 AM radio/Phono service manual p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4, p.5, p.6, p.7, p.8
Philco 48-1274 and 48-1276 AM/FM radio/phono schematic p.1, p.2, p.3
Philco 48-1282 differences from 48-1262
Philco 48-1283 differences from 48-1262 p.1, p.2
Philco 48-700 television, (1948) schematic
Philco 50-1718 AM radio/phono service manual p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4
Philco 90, 90A AM radio (w/two 45s) schematic, parts list
Philco 91 AM radio data w/schematic
Philco H2010BL,L (chassis 10AT10) solid-state TV (1959) schematic
Philco M1741 AM/FM radio/phono schematic p.1, p.2
Philco - Mercury model M-5741 AM car radio schematic
Philco - Mopar model 924 (C-5809) AM car radio for 1958 Chrysler Imperial schematic
Philco T9 AM/SW solid-state receiver schematic
Philips - see Philips Radio's
Philips 630C radio manual w/schematic (nl)
Philips B2X12A LW/AM/FM radio manual w/schematic (nl)
Philips B3X02A LW/AM/SW/FM radio manual w/schematic (nl)
Philips B6X12A LW/AM/SW/FM radio manual w/schematic (nl)
Porto PA-510 and PA-520 Baradio (standard AA-5) schematic
Radio Craftsmen RC-100 televison (ca. 1950) schematic
RCA 5T1 AM/SW radio service manual p.1, p.2, p.3, p.4
RCA 630TS Television (1946) schematic, service manual w/schematic
RCA 648PTK projection television (1946) schematic, service manual w/schematic
RCA 721TS television (1947) service manual
RCA 8TS30 television (1948) schematic
RCA 812K AM/SW radio service manual pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
RCA CTC-4 Color TV chassis (ca. 1955) schematic
RCA CTC-5A Color TV chassis (ca. 1956) schematic
RCA CTC-7 Color TV chassis (ca. 1957) schematic
RCA CTC-9 Color TV chassis (ca. 1959) schematic
RCA CTC-10 Color TV chassis (ca. 1960) schematic
RCA CTC-35 Color TV chassis (ca. 1967) schematic
RCA KCS-31-1 TV chassis (ca. 1948)
RCA KCS-100D TV chassis (personal TV ca. 1956)
RCA KCS-132 TV chassis with remote control (ca. 1960) schematic
RCA_KCS157 TV chassis (1967) schematic
RCA R-78 AM console radio service manual pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15
RCA TRK5, TT5 pre-war television schematic
RCA TRK12 pre-war television schematic
Sony model 8-301W transistor TV (ca. 1962) schematic
E.H. Scott 800-B Radio Phonograph Service Manual, Schematics Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, Service Notes
Sentinel 1U329-I,R,W AM radio schematic
Sentinel 1U330-I,R,W AM radio schematic
Silvertone 7102 AM Radio & Wire Recorder manual W/schematic (some blank spots)
Silvertone PC-3190, PC-3191 televison (1963) schematic
Stromberg-Carlson 425 FM Receiver (ca. 1939) schematic 
Stromberg-Carlson 480 All-Wave, FM Receiver (ca. 1939) schematic 
Stromberg-Carlson TV-12-L, TV-12-P television (1948) schematic
Sylvania chassis 1-108, 1-139, 1-186 (ca. 1951) schematic
Sylvania chassis 1-227 (ca. 1952) schematic
Sylvania chassis 1-260
(ca. 1952) schematic
Sylvania chassis 1-504
(ca. 1955) schematic
Sylvania chassis 1-508
(ca. 1955) schematic
Sylvania model 387 & 388 (chassis 1-519) (ca. 1955)
Westinghouse H21CT258-259 (chassis V-2367) color TV (1959) schematic
Westinghouse H22T155-157 (chassis V-2293, V-2294) color TV (1957) schematic

Zenith 29JC20 Color TV chassis (ca. 1961)
Zenith 6V27, 6V62 AM/SW 6V Battery radio schematic, alignment info
Zenith 12H090 AM/SW/FM45/FM100 radio/phono schematic
Zenith chassis 16D25 television (1959) schematic
Zenith G513T (Chassis 5G60T) AM radio schematic
Zenith H725Z1 (Chassis 7G01Z1) AM/FM radio schematic
Zenith M660 (chassis 5M20) communications receiver alignment info and schematic
Zenith Royal 1000 AM/SW receiver - the first solid-state TransOceanic schematic
Zenith chassis 5638 (models 6S203, 6S222, 6S223, 6S229, 6S239, 6S241) schematic, alignment info

Recommended Archive Sites:

Nostalgia Air - lots of schematics for early radios, including the complete Rider's Manuals vol. I - V.
Vintage Radio and Audio Pages - a growing collection of schematics and service info.
Philips Radio's - a huge database of Philips radios with pictures and some links to schematics.

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