Anyone who has worked on old electronic equipment runs into the problem of identifying old chokes and transformers. The links here are to either old catalog data, manufacturer's data, or to current manufacturer's web sites. [note: this is a work in progress]

Entries listed in green are data submitted by Tom Fine (thanks Tom!)

CineMag Transformers web site
Dynaco transformer catalog, with various schematics, including tube Dynaco kits. 3.2 Mb pdf
Hammond transformer web site
Jensen audio transformer web site
Lundahl transformer web site
Magnaquest transformer web site
One Electron transformer web site
Sowter audio transformer web site
Stancor transformer web site
Tamura audio transformer catalog from 1996, in Japanese, 845K pdf file
Thordarson input transformers (from a sheet found in a Thordarson box), 271K pdf file
Triad transformer catalogs from 1951 to 2002
UTC terminal arrangements - for A, HA, HC, HP, LS, O, and P audio transformers, 489K pdf file
Acrosound Catalog from 1955 - has classic hi-fi amp circuits, too! 1.4Mb pdf file
Stancor Catalog S-106 from 1961. 4.9 Mb pdf file
UTC catalog 510 (1951?) 18 jpeg images.

Recommended Archive Sites:

The TechnoPhool Page - Old Thordarson catalogs, audio articles, plus lots of interesting links.

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