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Passive Electronic Components. Components by GE and RCA are covered in their sections. Listed alphabetically. Some entries are books scanned by John Atwood and uploaded to the Internet Archive.

ART-13 Modulation Transformer Spec - Designed by Collins Radio, the AN/ART-13 was a late World War II aircraft transmitter, famously used in the B-29 bomber. Many of these were sold to hams as surplus. This data sheet was found amongst many other GE documents.

Georgiev 1945 Electrolytic Capacitors - A 205 page book on the theory, construction, and use of the electrolytic capacitor.

Magnecraft 1966 Designers Handbook & Catalog of Reed Relays - An 82 page book on the use of reed relays and mercury-wetted contact relays. Includes data on Magnecraft relays.

Millen_75012 Phase Shift Network - This is a 90 degree phase shift network intended for SSB transmitting and receiving circuits using the "phasing technique". Circuits using this network can be found in G.E. Ham News here and here.

Radiart 1945 Vibrator Replacement Handbook - A cross-reference and list of specifications of vibrators used in auto radios, farm radios, etc. at the end of World War II.

US Navy 1944 United States Navy Synchros OP 1303 - A 166 page book by the RCA Service Co., Inc. on synchros and their use by the US Navy. Includes specs on Navy synchros, zeroing, and maintenance.

VPI Vacuum Thermocouples - Vacuum thermocouples are used to measure rms power up to the VHF range. This datasheet is from the late 1950s or early 1960s.