The first six projects listed are from the early days of One Electron, and are in the old html format.

Randall Amplifier - An amplifier designed for a crafts class at the Randall Museum in San Francisco. The classes were taught in the late 1990s.

SEA-1 Amplifier - A single-ended amplifier designed to test out the One Electron UBT-1 transformer.

Fourier Components OTL Amps - One Electron did consulting in the 1980s and early 1990s for Fourier Components, a maker of OTL tube amplifiers. The company is long gone, so here is all the information I have concerning Fourier amplifiers.

Dynaco CDV-Pro/CDV-2 Upgrades - Information on upgrades to these Dynaco CD players made in the mid-1990s.

1990 P-P Transformer Tests - Results of tests I did on audio output transformers in 1990.

Ampex AG-440C Journal - Notes on upgrading an Ampex AG-440C tape deck.