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Here are various documents from the Hughes Aircraft Company. Some are research reports, others describe their various specialized CRTs. These documents come from the H.W. Ulmer collection.

Hughes 1954 The Typotron: A Novel Character Display Storage Tube - An early, detailed technical paper on the Hughes Typotron tube. On some drawings are notes by H.W. Ulmer, whose company, Vacuum Tube Products, made these and the later Tonotron and Memotron tubes.

Hughes 1959 Direct Display Storage Tubes - A detailed description of the Hughes Tonotron, Typotron, and Memotron tubes.

Hughes 1959 Microwave Tubes - A summary data sheet of Hughes' speciality microwave tubes: a traveling-wave amplifier, two backward-wave oscillators, and two backward-wave amplifiers.

Hughes 1959 Tonotron Tubes - A summary of Hughes' Tonotron, Typotron, and Memotron tubes.

Hughes 1960 Vacuum Gauges - VTP-507 ionization gauge, PCG-300 cold cathode dischage gauge control, VPC-100 ion pump power supply, and price list. Note that these are inherited from Vacuum Tube Products, which was bought by Hughes in 1959.