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Semiconductor technology. Semiconductor technology covered in other major categories (i.e. RCA and GE) are covered in those sections.

GE - Semiconductor data from General Electric.

Honeywell - Semiconductor data from Honeywell.

Hughes Semiconductor - Semiconductor data from Hughes.

Motorola - Semiconductor data from Motorola

Philco - Application information from Philco.

Raytheon - Semiconductor data from Raytheon.

RCA - Semiconductor data from RCA.

Sarkes Tarzian - Rectifier data from SarkesTarzian.

Signetics - Application information from Signetics.

Siliconix - Semiconductor data from Siliconix.

Solid State Products Inc - SCS-SCR Circuits. From Solid State Products Inc. (SSPI)

Union Carbide - Semiconductor data from Union Carbide.

Kuprox 1927 Technical Data and Information of General Interest Detailed description and application information for the Kodel Radio Corp.'s copper oxide rectifiers. Their slogan: "No Bulbs · No Liquids · No Noise". This technology was one of the first "metallic rectifiers", which was followed in the late 1930s (in Germany) and 1940s (elsewhere) by selenium rectifiers. Bulkier and not as efficient as selenium rectifiers, but were more stable. Their advantage was no fragile glass bulbs (gas/mercury rectifiers), no messy and corrosive liquids (electrolytic rectifiers), and no noise (vibrators or motor-generators).