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Here are various documents from the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Some are internal documents, some intended for RCA's licensees, and some are for the general public. Common documents such as Tube Manuals are not included here; they are available from many sites on the web, such as Pete Millett's site. Individual tube data sheets are available at Frank Philipse's tubedata.org site.

RCA Documentation Indexes

Miscellaneous RCA Bulletins and Documents, circa 1952 - The first page lists various RCA indexes and articles. At the bottom of this page is a list of miscellaneous reports, most aimed for the FCC color television evaluation. The remaining pages are an index of RCA Laboratory Bulletins, starting at LB-427 and ending with LB-897, with some gaps. Many of the reports starting with LB-803 are present here (see below).

RCA Industry Service Laboratory Bulletins Index 1946-1956 - Listing of all laboratory bulletins from 1946 to 1956, sorted both by date and by subject.

RCA Industry Service Laboratory Bulletins Index 1955 to Q3 1957 - Listing of laboratory bulletins from 1955 to 3rd Quarter of 1957, but also Research Bulletins ("RB") to Q3 1957.

RCA Laboratory Bulletins - Also called Laboratory Booklets. These were sent to licensees of the RCA patent pool. They were mostly papers describing recent technology advances developed at the RCA Laboratories. Some verged on the theoretical, but most were practically-oriented, describing specific circuits or equipment that would interest the licensees. The booklets here go from LB-803 to LB-1085, with gaps, and cover the years 1950 to 1957.

RCA Research Bulletins - The RCA "Research Bulletins" were sent to licensees of the RCA patent pool. Unlike the "Laboratory Bulletins", these are more theoretical and less practical. The bulletins here go from RB-3 to RB-134, with gaps, covering the years of 1955 to 1957.

RCA Standardizing Notices - Standardizing Notices were RCA's official manufacturing instructions. They were very carefully kept up-to-date through a document control system, and were distributed understrict control, since these were the "crown jewels". Nearly all the Standardizing Notices at this site were given to GE under licensing agreements, and were not kept up-to-date. With one exception, these came from GE's CRT Department, thus they are for specific CRT designs or processes related to them. Standardizing Notices are hierarchical, with top level pages refering to details on lower-level pages.

RCA Application Notes - Application Notes target the design engineer with ideas and assistance in designing-in RCA products. Distributed to the general public.

RCA Articles - Various articles by RCA or authors who worked at RCA.

RCA Miscellaneous Documents - Here are various miscellaneous RCA documents that don't fall into the other categories listed here. The documents from 1949 and 1950 listed were prepared for presentation to the FCC between 1949 and 1950 in the FCC's evaluation of color television standards.