The Technician's Filing Cabinet

The Technician's Filing Cabinet is an attempt to bring together in one place links to service and technical information for electronic equipment. There are some web sites that are trying store all information on their site. This is a noble goal, but ultimately impractical, given the huge amount of data. The philosophy of The Technician's Filing Cabinet is that if every interested web site hosts a few documents, the burden of disk storage is spread around. The Technician's Filing Cabinet is mostly a collection of links - most data is elsewhere.

Consumer Audio

Old Radios & TV

Pro Audio

Ham Radio

Test Equipment

Military Electronics

Radiology (Geiger Counters, ionizing radiation measurements, etc.)


If you know of information that can be included in this list or would like some specific information, please e-mail me. I have a lot of manuals that are not scanned in yet. Also, let me know if you see any errors, broken links, etc. For e-mail information, see the home page.)

If you would like to host archive material on your own web site, simply put it up, and alert us to where it is. Make sure that you use clear and compact data storage.

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