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Vacuum tube technology.

GE picture tube- and CRT-related information is in the General Electric Section.

Dumont - Data and application notes from Allen B. Dumont Labs.

Eimac - Data and application notes from Eimac.

Electrons Inc. - Data from Electrons Inc.

FTR - Data from FTR (Federal Telephone & Radio).

GE - Tube-related data from General Electric

Hughes - Tube-related data from Hughes, Inc.

Hytron - Data from Hytron.

Ken-Rad - Data from the Ken-Rad Co., before the 1945 aquisition by General Electric.

Machlett - Tube data from Machlett Laboratories Inc.

National Union - Data and application information from National Union.

Raytheon - Tube data from Raytheon Production Co.

RCA - Tube-related data from RCA

Signalite - Data and application information from Signalite, a neon glow tube manufacturer.

Sylvania - Tube data from Hygrade Sylvania, later known as just Sylvania.

Tung-Sol/Chatham - Data and application information from Tung-Sol, as well as its Chatham division.

United - Tube data from United Electronics, a Newark tube company that specialized in industrial power tubes, mostly low-tech.

Vacuum Tube Products/H.W. Ulmer/MU - Documents and specs from the three companies formed by Harold. W. Ulmer: Vacuum Tube Products, H.W. Ulmer Co., and MU Inc.

Westinghouse - Data and application notes from Westinghouse's tube department.

Military - US military documents on tube technology.

Catalogs and data relating to manufacturing tubes

Tube-related articles

Tube-related books

The Saga of the Vacuum Tube