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These General Electric "Data Folders" were found in a 3-ring binder in the Von Campbell collection. These are in-house reports of various research or experiments, in this case related to the tube division. They date from 1938 to 1946. They seem like a predecessor to the later GE "TIS" documents, but with much lower production values. They typically were printed on Ditto and blue-line reproductions that have not aged gracefully. If some of these reports seem fuzzy and have a dark background, that is because the pages have faded so much that they are barely recoverable using Photoshop.

General Electric sold its receiving tube division to RCA in 1929(?), but continued to develop and produce industrial and transmitting tubes. GE bought Ken-Rad in 1945, thus restoring its receiving tube capability. Thus, most of the Data Folders cover industrial and transmitting tubes, with receiving tube issues covered starting in 1945.

These Data Folders are listed sequentially by number. Note that this does not insure listing by date, although the higher numbers are generally later.

GE Data Folder Indexes

Index of GE Data Folders here in the Von Campbell collection. "Book II" is not available.

A more complete list of GE Data Folders from 1939 to 1946. The "Engineering Reports" are not available.

45719 Nelson 1943 - Proposed Output Test for JAN 4B26 Rectifier Tube

45746 Nelson 1945 - Anode Temperature Rise, JAN 4B26 Rectifier Tube

45748 Nelson 1945 - Tungar Bulb 199698 in Modulator Rectifier Factors Influencing Output Voltage

63354 Miles 1938 - The Synchronous Commutator for Tube Voltage Drop Measurements

64517 Pennoyer 1938 - PR-861 20 Mc Oscillator

64587 Livingston 1939 - Oscillographic Method of Measuring Positive Characteristics

71158 Hutchings 1940 - Welding Control Ignitrons Effect of Thermal Capacity on Ratings

71177 Franklin 1941 - Air-cooled Operation of Ignitron GL-415

71178 Franklin 1941 - Sciaky Intermittent Rectifier Tests on FG-271 and FG-235-A

71180 Franklin 1941 - High Current Tests on the GL-415 with a Low Duty Cycle and Several Water-cooling Devices

72131 Brown 1942 - Shield Grid Characteristics of Thyratron FG-97

72141 Cooper 1942 - Emission Pulser

72147 Crapuchettes 1943 - Technical Information on Sylvania Micro-thyratron

72158 Rankin & Crapuchettes 1943 - Oxide-Coated & Thoriated Tungsten Filaments in a Small Thyratron

72164 Bleichner & Ringland 1943 - Oscillographic Method of Measuring Positive Grid Characteristics. Update on 64587 above.

72171 Angwin 1943 - Constant Current Emission Test Circuit

72174 Bleichner & Sturtevant 1943 - Determination of Oscillator Losses

72186 Bleichner 1944 - Investigation of GL-846 Power Output

72189 Cronburg 1944 - Inter-Electrode Capacitance Measuring Test for Lighthouse Tubes

72193 Sturtevant 1944 - UHF Power Measurement

72195 Ringsmith 1944 - Amplifcation Factor-Mutual Conduction Test Set for Lighthouse Tubes

72196 Bleichner & Brush 1944 - GL-813 Oscillation Screen-Grid Current Tests

72427 VanNatten 1945 - Investigation of Zinc Distillation in Yellow Brass. Interesting problem when brazing brass in a hydrogen furnace.

77807 Vandeven 1944 - Preliminary Report on Measuring Conversion Transconductance

77808 Fehr & Petraitis 1944 - Color Specification in Cathode Ray Tubes I

77830 Paulsen 1945 - Contact Potential Measurements of Conventional Triodes

77836 Zehner 1945 - Results of 6000 Volt Test on FG-238-B Ignitron

77876 Crapuchettes 1945 - Circuit Used to Measure Plate Characteristics in the Positive Grid Region

77879 Crapuchettes 1945 - Certain Points of View to be Considered in the Building of a Pulse Peak Emission and Characteristic Set

77880 Kousnetz 1945 - Simple Method of Calibrating the Standard McLeod Gauge to Read Higher Pressures

77884 Kousnetz 1945 - Variation in Breakdown with Pressure in the FG-238B & FG-259B and a More Complete Interpretation of the Standard "Hi-pot" Test

77886 Thorson 1946 - Methods of Calculating Optimum Tube Operating Conditions

77891 Roth 1946 - Quantitative Spectrochemical Analysis of Nickel Cathode Surfaces

86902 Roth 1946 - Cathode Nickel Base Metal Evaluation Work of the ASTM

86905 Owren 1946 - The Effect of 6SK7 Grid Emission on Receiver Performance

86906 Roth 1946 - Boron Analysis. Boron is used in the ignitor point in Ignitrons.

86912 Roth 1946 - Glass Weathering Tests. Summary of ways to test glass weathering. "No actual tests have been made by the writer."

86914 Fowler 1946 - Amplification Factor Charts for Triodes

86915 Fowler 1946 - Calculation of Receiving Tubes Constants. Includes a semi-relevant report on multi-grid tubes.