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Some of the CRT Department's R&D was funded by government contracts. Here are reports identified as such. Most of these reports include biographies of the developers and descriptions of facilities.

GE CRT Dept 1955 Final Report on the Development of a Long Persistence PbMn Activated CaSiO3 Phosphor - The development and test of a new long-persistance phosphor to replace P-7 and P-19. This later was registered by the EIA as the P-25 phosphor. ·

GE CRT Dept 1955 Improved Cathode-Ray Gun Design PR-1008 - Response to a Wright Air Development Center proposal for a CRT with very small spot size (0.3mm) that doesn't change size with beam current.

GE Schlesinger 195- Focus Reflex Modulation of Electron Guns - A new electron gun design that delivers a 0.007" spot at 1mA, controlled (in the Z-axis) by a 12 volt signal. No date, but probably around 1956.

GE CRT Dept 1958 Proposal for 20 Inch CRT - Proposal for a request from the Air Force Cambridge Research Center for a spherical CRT, 20" in diameter, with a deflection angle of 300 degrees (!).

GE 1959 High-Perveance Electron Gun DA36-039 SC-78299 - A report on the development of a high-performance electron gun that can be controlled by a signal of 8 volts or less. This technology appears to come from the R&D that Telefunken did for GE. The distribution list is interesting.

GE Pickup Tube Dept 1964 High-Current-Density CRT Source Q2 Progress Report - The second quarterly report on a high cathode current electron gun source. Life test, cathode emission, and cathode structure are covered.