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Public data, catalogs, and application notes on General Electric products.

Cooper-Hewitt Neon Bulletin 700 - Peter Cooper Hewitt developed the first mercury-discharge lamp in 1901. These were sold as efficient high-intensity lamps, but had a harsh blue light. For black and white photography, this didn't matter. GE bought Cooper Hewitt's operation in 1919, naming it the General Electric Vapor Lamp Company. Later, in the 1930s, phosphors were added to the bulb, resulting in the first fluorescent lamps. This bulletin describes a neon version of the Cooper-Hewitt lamp. It is still high intensity, but had a more pleasing reddish-orange light. No date, but likely from the late 1920s.

GE 1959 Designing with Vac-U-Sel Component Rectifiers - It is 1959, so germanium and silicon rectifiers are essentially mature, leaving little need for selenium rectifiers. But for those engineers who are nostalgic, GE offers lots of design information.

GE ECG-402 Application Notes on GE Vac-U-Sel Rectifiers - Although intended for selenium rectifers, this app note is very applicable to general rectifier/power supply design. Good info here.

General Electric 1959 Fused Quartz Catalog - Fused quartz, essentially pure silicon dioxide, is crucial for high temperature and/or high purity work. GE's fused quartz product line is suprisingly broad.