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GE documents from outside the CRT department.

Doolittle 1954 Mass Spectrometer Analyses of Picture Tubes - Using a mass spectrometer to analyze vacuum impurities. This is much easier and cheaper to do today.

Sharbaugh & Watson 1962 Conduction and Breakdown in Liquid Dielectrics - A reprint of these GE authors' article in Progress in Dielectrics.

Nalin 1965 The Ionization Guage Calibration of Color Guns - Experiments to correlate ionization current measurements with actual vacuum in color picture tubes. In 1965, GE started making its first color CRTs commercially.

Felice & Halt 1977 Installation of a Prototype Membrane Oxygen Enricher in the Lexington Lamp Plant - By enriching the oxygen fed to gas burners to 35% in a lamp factory, natural gas usage was reduced by 42%.