Talaria Projector
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The Talaria Project (sometimes called "Project Talaria") was video projector that GE developed using the Schlieren optical effect. A bit of history is given in the following paragraph from the 1960 Holeman paper below:

The idea of the light-valve projector is not new. Baird in 1927 gave it serious thought and after some experimentation abandoned it as a technology ahead of his time. Dr. Gretener of Switzerland patented the idea in 1942 and developed a version of it which he called the "Eidophor" process. The word in Greek means "Image-bearer" and is the name he gave the control layer. The Eidophor process was demonstrated in New York City in 1950 when closed circuit T.V. pictures were projected on a theatre screen with complete success. The viewers of the demonstration including G-E representatives were much impressed with the resolution and tone range of the large image and arrangements were made with Gretener to purchase a projector and develop the process in this country.

In the early 1950s, GE was concentrating on consumer TV, and certain technical issues remained to be solved. In 1959, GE's research group started the projector project, this time in color, and called it Talaria. Von Campbell was involved with Talaria from the start until the mid-1960s, and after that, the Talaria reports in the VCC collection stop. Ultimately the Talaria projector was introduced in 1983 and was a success. Why this development effort took 24 years is unclear.

See some of the GE Trip Reports from 1959 to 1964 for Talaria-related visits.

Lance 1944 Swiss Television Large Screen Projector - Not from GE, but a summary of the original Swiss Eidophor projector. Not a lot of details, but the Schlieren optics is clearly shown. From the British magazine Electronic Engineering, courtesy of worldradiohistory.com.

Holeman 1960 Unusual Applications of the Schlieren Principle 60GL197 - A detailed description of the Schlieren principle as applied to projectors. Describes the original Gretener Eidophor projector, the first GE prototype, the first "commercial" design, and a redesign of this system.

Hiller 1961 A Model for a Light Valve Projector Report #154 - A theoretical model of the Talaria light valve projector.

Newberry 1961 Electron Optics Program for Talaria 61GL98 - The General Engineering Laboratory (Schenectady) designs and prototypes an electron gun for the Mark III Talaria projector. Apendices include a detailed timeline and theoretical derivations.

Noble 1962 T.I.R.P. Optical Projection of Surface Deformable Media DF62ELS-41 - The physics and engineering of the deformable oil film that is the basis of the Eidophor and Talaria projectors.

Glenn 1964 Color Bar System for T6 Optics 64-MO-0905E - A short report on the bar system to project color in the Talaria projector.

Missing Kit... GE Light Valve - A brief article on the actual use of Talaria projectors in the 1980s and '90s. Shows the final light valve design - a marvel of compact packaging.