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Documents from the Von C. Campbell Collection (VCC) or H.W. Ulmer Collection (HWU) that do not fall into the GE or RCA categories. See the provenance link for more info.

Cossor Moss 1945 Engineering Methods in the Design of the CRT · - From the summary: "This paper discusses the application of the general theories of scale, dimensional homogeneity and energy conservation to cathode ray tube engineering. From these simple bases [sic] it is shown that many important deductions can be made about the general form which the tube geometry should assume. There is no appeal to advanced electro-optics, and the approach should therefore commend itself to the engineer."

Philips Kleisma 1951 Measurement of Secondary Emission from Flourescent Screens of picture Tubes - Measuring the secondary emission from the back of a phosphor screen is important, since not enough secondary emission can cause problems with "sticking potential". The normal way to do this is by heating the screen enough so that the glass becomes partly conductive, then using an electrometer to measure leakage current. This Philips report describes a much more elaborate pulse scheme that does not require heating of the glass.

Nakamura Okada Kato 1954 Production of a Flat Oxide-Coated Cathode ... - A translation from a French magazine (Le Vide) of Japanese research into making cathodes flat to within 1 or 2 microns. Both conventional spraying and electrostatic spraying were tried. Means for measuring surface irregularity are explained.

JEDEC_Braestrup 1959 X-Ray Measurements on TV Tubes - Three reports from a "Registered X-Ray Physicist" on the X-Ray radiation from black & white CRTs at various voltages. The goal was to meet a proposed limit of 0.5 mr per hour. The third report shows X-Ray blocking of various materials. [cue ominous music] Color tubes were not examined.

Superior Electronics 195- CRT Processing Information · - No date, but probably late 1950s. A collection of notes from various sources on the processing of cathode ray tubes, specifically picture tubes. This seems to be targeted at picture-tube rebuilders, since Superior Electronics made electron guns.

JEDEC 1967 Measurement of XRays from Display CRTs 64 - Official JEDEC procedure for measuring X-Rays from CRTs, JEDEC publication No. 64.