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The RCA "Licensee Bulletins" (also known as "Booklets") were sent to licensees of the RCA patent pool. They were mostly papers describing recent technology advances developed at the RCA Laboratories. Some verged on the theoretical, but most were practically-oriented, describing specific circuits or equipment that would interest the licensees. The bulletins here cover the years 1950 to 1957.

The Licensee Patent Bulletins are summaries of new or expired patents in the RCA patent pool. Note that patents from other companies show up here, due to cross-licensing arrangements. Summary abstracts of new patents are given. To view or download the full patents, you can go to Google Patents and type in the patent number.

Another batch of Licensee Bulletins from the Von Campbell collection has been discovered, and added here - note the 6/20 date.

LB-803 Gaseous Discharge Noise Sources for SHF

LB-804 A High-Performance Transistor with Wide Spacing Between Contacts

LB-805 Effects of Contact Pressure on Transistor Gain

LB-806 Licensee Patent Bulletin 50-3

LB-809 Geometrical Considerations of an RCA Tri-Color Kinescope

LB-812 An Automatic Nonlinear Distortion Analyzer

LB-815 A Center-Tuning Circuit for FM Detectors

LB-816 Coaxial Line Triple-Tuned UHF Tuner

LB-818 An Unobtrusive Dynamic Pressure Microphone

LB-820 A Laboratory Approach to the Reduction TV Receiver Chassis Radiation from the Local Oscillator

LB-821 Licensee Patent Bulletin 50-4

LB-822 Manufacture of an RCA Developmental 3-Gun Tricolor Kinescope

LB-823 A Noise-Inversion Circuit for Improved Noise Immunity in TV Receivers

LB-824 Use of New Low-Noise Twin Triode in TV Tuners

LB-825 Columbate Dielectrics

LB-826 A Tristimulus Photometer

LB-827 A High-Voltage Cold-Cathode Rectifier

LB-828 Remote Control for Television Receivers

LB-829 A Bandpass Mechanical Filter for 100 kc

LB-830 A 45-Degree Reflection-Type Color Kinescope

LB-831 On Extending the Operating Voltage Range of Electron Tube Heaters

LB-835 An Electronic Thickness Gauge for Very Thin Metal Foils

LB-836 TV Receiver Signal Circuits and AGC Considerations for Impulse Noise Immunity

LB-837 Tests of Means for Reducing Visibility of Line Structure on TV Receivers

LB-838 A Color Synchronization Circuit for RCA Color System TV Receivers

LB-840 A Calibrated Continuously-Variable Sampling-Wave Phase Shifter

LB-844 The Plasmatron a Continuously-Controllable Gas-Discharge Developmental Tube

LB-845 Compound Direct Radiator Loudspeaker

LB-848 Elimination of Moire Effects in Tri-Color Kinescopes

LB-849 A Method of Improving the Electrical and Mechanical Stability of Point-Contact Transistors

LB-850 The Decay and Recovery of the Pulsed Emission of the Oxide-Coated Cathode

LB-851 An Industrial Television System

LB-852 Electronic Overload Protection Circuit for Sensitive Current Meters

LB-853 Interlaced Sampling-Signal Generator

LB-853A Modification of Interlaced Sampling-Signal Generator

LB-854 Performance of the Vidicon a Small Developmental TV Camera Tube

LB-855 Frequency Control of Modulated Magnetrons by Resonant Injection System

LB-856 Design Data for Horizontal Rhombic Antennas

LB-859 A Video Test Signal Generator

LB-861 Heater-Cathode Leakage Hum Reduction by Means of a Shielded Heater

LB-862 A Survey of Transistor Development

LB-863 A Crystal Ringing Circuit for Color Synchonization

LB-865 Transistor Oscillators

LB-866 Noise Factor Considerations and Measurement Techniques at UHF

LB-870 Junction Transistor Equivalent Circuits and Vacuum Tube Analogy

LB-871 Dynamic Test Set for Transistors

LB-872 Balance Measurements on Balun Transformers - errata added to page 2

LB-875 Transistor Trigger Circuits

LB-876 Noise Factor Measurements of Transistors

LB-877 Deflection Systems with Regulated Kickback HV Supplies for Tri-Color Kinescopes

LB-878 A Vestigal Sideband Filter

LB-879 Rhombic Antennas For UHF Television

LB-881 Determination of Orientation and Deformation of Germanium Crystals

LB-883 A Sweep Method for Measuring Envelope Delay

LB-884 Some Applications of Permanently Magnetized Ferrite Magnetostrictive Resonators

LB-885 Electrical Measurements on Germanium

LB-886 Low-Temperature Electrical Measurements on Semiconductors

LB-887 Reflexed Intercarrier Sound

LB-889 Application of Linear Active 4-Terminal Network Theory to Transistors

LB-891 Laboratory Equipment for Germanium Purification

LB-892 Preparation of Single Crystals of Ge and Si

LB-893 Experimentally Determined Radiation Characteristics of Conical and Triangular Antennas

LB-894 Ceramic-Metal Seals of the Tungsten-Iron Type

LB-896 Resistivity Striations in Single-Crystal Ge

LB-897 Methods of Processing Ag-Mg Secondary Emitters for Electron Tubes

LB-898 Progress Report on Transistor Research and Circuit Applications

LB-899 Theoretical Resistivity and Hall Coefficient of Impure Ge Near Room Temperature

LB-902 Design Considerations for Series Heater Strings in TV Receivers

LB-903 A Germanium NPN Junction Transistor by the Alloy Process

LB-904 Licensee Patent Bulletin 52-4

LB-905 Power Junction Transistors by the Alloy Process - errata added to page 2

LB-906 Symmetrical Properties of Transistors and Their Applications

LB-907 A Study of Transistor Circuits for TV Receivers

LB-908 Factors in the Design of Point-Contact Transistors

LB-909 The Application of Transistor to an Industrial TV Sychronizing Generator

LB-910 Circuits for Reception of NTSC (Feb. 2, 1953) Color TV Signals

LB-911 A UHF Balun.pdf

LB-912 Licensee Patent Bulletin 53-1

LB-913 A Vidicon Camera Adaptor for Television Receivers

LB-914 A Symmetrical Transistor Phase Detector for Horizontal Synchronization

LB-915 A PNP Triode Alloy Junction Transistor for RF Amplification

LB-916 The Variation of Current Gain with Junction Shape and Surface Recombination in Alloy Transistors

LB-917 On the Variation of Junction Transistor Current-Amplification Factor with Emitter Current

LB-918 Circuit Diagram-RCA Developmental Color TV Receiver

LB-919 An Experimental Transistor Personal Broadcast Receiver

LB-920 Licensee Patent Bulletin 53-2

LB-921 A Capacitive Tuned UHF Tuner

LB-922 Continuous-Process Apparatus for Growing Single-Crystal Ge

LB-923 Modulated Transistor Oscillators and their Applications

LB-924 A Delay Equalizer for Color TV

LB-925 RCA Developmental Color Television Receiver

LB-926 Recrystalization of Germanium from Indium Solutions

LB-927 A Series Noise Inverter for TV Receiver Impulse-Noise Immunity

LB-928 Improving the Transient Response of Television Receivers

LB-929 Licensee Patent Bulletin 53-3

LB-930 Design of Video-Amplifier Peaking Circuits for Optimum Transient Response

LB-931 Miniature IF Transformers

LB-932 A Colorplexer for the Generation of Color TV Signals

LB-933 Measurement of Sweep and Video Circuit Interference Influence of TV Receivers on AM Receivers

LB-934 Measurement of Minority Carrier Lifetime and Surface Effects in Junction Devices

LB-936 Investigation of UHF Television Amplifier Tubes

LB-939 The Tacitron A low-Noise Thyratron

LB-940 HF Operation of P-Type Point-Contact Transistors

LB-941 A Switched-Zone Furnace for Germanium Purification

LB-942 Licensee Patent Bulletin 54-1

LB-944 Studies of the Interface Layer in Oxide Cathodes

LB-946 Factors in the Design of Keyed Clamping Circuits

LB-947 A Study of the Etching Rate of Germanium

LB-948 Microscopic Examination of Germanium Crystals and Transistors

LB-949 Some Properties of Ge-Si Alloy Semiconductors

LB-950 Design of IF Amplifiers for Color Television Receivers

LB-951 Color Subcarrier Frequency Measurement Equipment

LB-952 A Silicon NPN Junction Transistor by the Alloy Process

LB-953 The Effective Surface Recombination of a Ge Surface

LB-954 Licensee Patent Bulletin-Farnsworth Patents

LB-955 Licensee Patent Bulletin 54-2

LB-956 Saturation Current in Alloy Junctions

LB-957 A Developmental Pocket-Size Broadcast Receiver

LB-958 An Experimental Automobile Receiver Employing Transistors

LB-959 High-Level Triode Color Demodulator

LB-960 A Convergence Circuit for the RCA Developmental 21-Inch Color Kinescope

LB-961 An Analysis of the Bifilar-T Trap Circuit

LB-962 A Simplified High-Performance 21-inch Develpmental Color TV Receiver

LB-963 Comparative HF Operation of Junction Transistors Made of Different Semiconductor Materials

LB-964 Investigations of Noise in AF Amplifiers Using Junction Transistors

LB-965 Licensee Patent Bulletin 54-3

LB-968 Selectivity and Transient Response Synthesis

LB-969 Licensee Patent Bulletin 54-4

LB-972 Unusual Assembly Methods Used in Developing a New Thyratron

LB-973 Technique Fabrication Small Cylindrical Grids if Novel Design for Use in Pencil Tubes

LB-974 Transistorized Sync Separator Circuits for TV Receivers

LB-975 Class B Operation of AF Junction Transistors

LB-978 An Experimental High-Speed Photo-Resist Technique for Printed Circuits

LB-985 Transistor Fabrication by the Melt-Quench Process

LB-988 Alloyed Junction Type NPN Germanium-Silicon Transistors

LB-1002 Improvements in Color Kinescopes Through Optical Analogy

LB-1004 Miniature Loudspeakers for Personal Radio Receivers

LB-1005 A Variable-Capacitance Germanium Junction Diode for UHF

LB-1012 A 20-Watt Transistor Audio Amplifier

LB-1021 Design Considerations in Class B Complimentary Symmetry Circuits

LB-1022 Transistor Audio Amplifiers

LB-1025 Equipment for Displaying Transistor Characteristics

LB-1026 Focusing-Grill Color Kinescopes

LB-1029 Recent Improvements in the 21AXP22 Color Kinescope

LB-1032 Design Considerations in the First Stage of Transistor Receivers

LB-1033 Field-Intensity Measuerments on Induction-Heating Equipment ·

LB-1034 Growth of Silicon Crystals for Transistor Applications

LB-1035 Transistorized High Voltage Oscillator Power Supply

LB-1036 Crystal Puller of Czochralski Type for Ge or Si with 60 Cycle 3-Phase Heater

LB-1037 The Soldered Transistor

LB-1040 IF Transistor Construction and Production

LB-1042 Transistor Input Stage for Phonograph Pickups

LB-1043 The Tricolor Vidicon a Developmental Camera Tube for Color TV

LB-1044 Simultaneous Signal Separation in the Tricolor Vidicon

LB-1045 A Drift Transistor for High Frequency Applications

LB-1049 A Miniature Vidicon of High Sensitivity

LB-1050 Transistorized TV Cameras Using the Miniature Vidicon ·

LB-1051 An Improved Low-Capacitance Probe

LB-1052 Large-Area Germanium Power Transistors

LB-1053 Uni-Pressure Microphone

LB-1054 A 6-Transistor Portable Receiver Employing a Complementary Symmetry Output Stage

LB-1055 Reduction of Co-Channel TV Interference by Precise Frequency Control of TV Picture Carriers

LB-1056 Thermal Stability of Junction Transistors and its Effect on Maximum Power Dissipation

LB-1057 Concentric-Shear Mode 455KC Electromechanical Filter

LB-1058 Microwave Noise Source Modulator and Power Supply

LB-1060 Design Considerations of TV Antenna-Multiplex Systems

LB-1061 Analysis of Transistor Oscillators for Broadcast Receivers

LB-1062 A Monostable Multivibrator Circuit Using Complementary Transistors

LB-1063 Envelope Distortion in Transistor-Tuned Amplifiers

LB-1064 Spreading of Indium over Ge Surfaces in the Alloy Process

LB-1067 A Constant-Input-Impedance RF Amplifier for VHF TV Receivers

LB-1068 Galactic Noise-An Important Consideration of VHF TV Tuners

LB-1069 Design Considerations for Direct-Coupled Transistor Amplifiers

LB-1070 A Transistorized Horizontal-Deflection System

LB-1071 Transistor Receiver Video Amplifiers ·

LB-1072 Circuit Considerations for Audio-Output Stages Using Power Transistors

LB-1073 Influence of Surface Oxidation on acb of Germanium PNP Transistors

LB-1074 Methods for Determining AM Rejection Performance of FM Detectors

LB-1075 A Transistorized FM Sound Detector Circuit for TV Receivers

LB-1077 The Equivalent Circuit of the Drift Transistor

LB-1078 The Thyristor-A New High-Speed Switching Transistor

LB-1079 An Investigation of Cross Modulation in Heterodyne Interferences in Transistor IF Amplifiers

LB-1080 Transistor Switching Performance from Characteristic Curves

LB-1081 A Basic Tester for Transistors

LB-1082 High-Power Transistor Audio Amplifiers

LB-1083 A Phase-Regulated Transistor Power Supply

LB-1084 A Carrier Energized Bi-Stable Circuit Using Variable-Capacitance Diodes

LB-1085 Design Considerations of Transistorized Picture IF Amplifiers

LB-1086 FM System Based on Synthesized Wave and Phase-Shift Detection