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Here is documentation from Siliconix - mainly FETs.

Siliconix 1963 Characteristics of Unipolar Field-Effect Transistors - A summary of the behavior of P-Channel FETs, some of the first ones made commercially.

Siliconix 1965 FETs for Consumer Electronics-A Progress Report - Comments made at the IEEE Spring Conference on Broadcast & TV Receivers in 1965. Compares JFETs to MOSFETs, then presents a collection of useful circuits using both. The key reason for this presentation is revealed in the last paragraphs: Siliconix is looking for design-ins so that it can lower prices.

Siliconix 1966 A Select List of FET Articles - A good bibliography of FET technology up to mid-1966.

Siliconix 1966 FET Circuit Ideas - A variety of circuits that showcase the use of FETs. Note that most of the FETs used are P-channel - the first types made.

Siliconix 1966 N-Channel Junction & MOS Field-Effect Transistors - A one-page summary of Siliconix's N-channel and MOS FETs.

Siliconix 1966 OEM Price List - OEM price list from 5/1/66. FETs were expensive - the cheapest was about $3 and many were in the 10s of dollars. Also shown are DTL and TTL logic ICs. Distributors and Sales Reps shown on the back.

Siliconix 1968 OEM Price List - OEM price list from 7/22/68. FETs are still expensive. The logic ICs are gone, but op-amps and MOS and JFET switches appear.

Siliconix 1971 VHF-UHF FETs - Note that all are N-channel, and are getting cheaper.