GE Tube Box
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Tube-related data from General Electric (GE). This is the American GE, not the British GEC.

Picture Tube- and CRT-related information is in the General Electric Section. Many of the techniques described there also apply to other vacuum and gas tubes.

Dunkerley 195- Calculation of Heat Transfer for Water-Cooled Metal-Jacketed Mercury Pool Tubes - No date but likely mid-1950s.

GE Lamp Wire & Phosphors Dept 1957 Tungsten at a Glance - Physical and chemical properties of tungsten.

Roth 1959 The Stabilization of Tantalum Carbide Filaments at High Temperatures · - Tantalum carbide melts at 4150°K, 500° higher than tungsten, so is interesting as an incandescent filament. However, it is very brittle and hard to work with. This paper explores treatments to make TaC easier to handle.