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Various documents from the U.S. military on tube technology, ranging from World War II to the 1970s.

JAN 1943 Preferred Classified Vacuum Tubes - Joint Army-Navy (JAN) list of preferred classified vacuum tubes as well as tubes classified as "CONFIDENTIAL" and those de-classified, as of April 1943.

US Signal Corps 1944 JAN Standardization Program - Description of how the JAN standardization program and the JAN-1A spec came about. Also includes a list of "CONFIDENTIAL" tubes, declasified tubes, and the Army-Navy Preferred List of Radio Electron tubes, as of Feb. 1944.

US Army & Navy 1945 Cross Index Radio Electron Tube Types - A complete list of radio tubes known by the U.S. military in April, 1945.

NRL N-3140 1947 Voltage Stabilization by Means of the Corona Discharge Between Coaxial Cylinders - A means of very high-voltage regulation. Perhaps the origin of the Victoreen "Corotrons"?

Armed Services Electro Standards Agency 1953 Inspection Instruction for Electron Tubes · - From section 1.1: "This manual is for use in conjunction with Military Specification MIL-E-1B, and presents information pertaining to inspection procedures, sampling plans and criteria for determining the acceptability of those Electron Tubes covered by the above specification and for use by the Armed Services. By its nature this manual is primarily of interest to electron tube manufacturers and electron tube inspectors."

EG&G 1954 Research Study of Hydrogen Thyratrons AD-17590 · - The 6th quarterly progress report on an ongoing study of hydrogen thyratrons by Edgerton, Germmeshausen & Grier (EG&G). Failure mechanisms at high pulse rates are discovered and an improved design is proposed.

Cash & Dawirs 1955 Decoding Matrixatron Development - A CRT that decodes a six-bit value to either 64 individual outputs or 64 octal numbers on a screen. Built by Vacuum Tube Products.

Clark 1958 Development of Improved Guns for CRTs 58-177 · - An effort by RCA to improve the spot size of the 10UP14A CRT.

US Army 1960 Index of Tube Types Included in Specification MIL-E-1D - A list of all the tubes included in the US JAN specification MIL-E-1D. A nice snapshot of the tubes known to the US military in 1960.

DESC 1964 Meeting of Power and Gas Tube Working Group #5 · - Minutes and spec updates from a meeting sponsored by the DESC (Defense Electronics Supply Center). Various tube specs are updated and humidity, shock, and life tests procedures are updated.

Methods of Radar Modulator Tube Characterization · - Unnamed and undated, this was paper-clipped to the DESC report above. It appears to be the "Proposed NATO Draft on Pulse Modulators and Clipper Tubes" referenced on page 14 of the above report.