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Tube-related data from Radio Corporation of America. Listed chronologically.

RCA 1941 Phototubes - Detailed description of and application information for RCA's line of phototubes. Includes description of the 2051 thyratron. No photomultipliers.

RCA 1945 New RCA Miniature Tubes for Broadcast and Television Receivers - Just after the end of the war, RCA releases this batch of tubes: 6AT6, 6AU6, 6BA6, 6BE6, 12AT6, 12BA6, 12BE6, 35W4, and 50B5. This release did the most to hasten the switch to miniature tubes in consumer electronics.

RCA 1948 Base Materials for Oxide-Coated Cathodes - Descriptions of the various cathode materials made by RCA. Includes references.

RCA 1948 Batalum Getters - Descriptions of the various barium getters available from RCA. These types are of the "strip" type, usually held up by a horseshoe-shaped wire. Includes references.

RCA 1948 Cathode Coatings - Descriptions of the various types of cathode coatings available from RCA. Includes references.

RCA 1947 6AS7G Low Mu Twin Power Triode - Application Note from the Oct.-Dec. 1947 RCA Ham Tips magazine. Often-overlooked factors when using the 6AS7G as an audio power amplifier..

RCA 1951 N1 Nickel Alloy - An improved filament wire for miniature battery tubes. This is a good example of a technological improvement being rolled into current production.

RCA 1958 Plate Materials - A two-page bulletin describing RCA's plate materials and how to use them. Note the lower emissivity of Al-clad steel (grey plate) compared to Ni-plated steel with carbon slurry coating (black plate).

RCA 197- Color Television Picture Tube Manufacturing - No date, but probably from the early- to mid-1970s. A brief history of RCA color picture tubes, then an extensive set of color photographs showing all aspects of picture tube manufacturing. A lot going on! Missing pages 26 and 27. From Ludwell Sibley.