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Here are various documents from Sylvania. Common documents such as Tube Manuals are not included here; they are available from many sites on the web, such as Pete Millett's site.

Sylvania 1939 Price list - A snapshot of the consumer list prices of tubes in Oct. 1939.

Sylvania 1954 Series String Operation in TV Receivers - A collection of three articles from Sylvania's Engineering Information Service bulletins on using series-string tubes in TV sets. The first article details the problems of series-string operation and describes the 600 mA tubes. The second describes series-string considerations for picture tubes, and the third describes the 300 mA and 450 mA tubes.

Sylvania 1954 Effects of AC Plate Voltages on Tube Performance - An article on the issues of running power tubes directly from an unfiltered AC plate supply. The main problem is back emission. From the May 1954 issue of Sylvania's Engineering Information Service.

Sylvania 1955 Phosphors - A slick brochure describing the CRT phosphors available from Sylvania. Special emphasis on the new P-22 color phosphors. 15 Mb.

Sylvania Electric Products 1956 Annual Report - A detailed look at Sylvania. They made a lot more than just tubes.

Sylvania Electric Products 1958 Annual Report - Two years later, revenue is flat and earnings are down.

Sylvania 1961 IRE Show Brochure - All the latest tubes and microwave components from Sylvania.