Tube Manufacturing
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Catalogs and data connected with electron tube manufacturing. Listed alphabetically.

American Lava Corp Bulletin 545 How to Make Your Own Models from Lava - "Lava" here means green (unfired) ceramic. This bulletin explains how to make one-off ceramic models; American Lava Corp. would then mass-produce the items.

Carborundum Co. Kovar Technical Data - Technical data and processing steps for Kovar - a metal with nearly the same coefficient of expansion of certain glasses. See "Stupakoff" below.

Carlisle Gas Burner Corp. Equipment and Accessories - Gas burners, glass lathes, regulators, and associated equipment necessary for glass work. 49 Mb

Electric Wire Company Inc. Manufacturers of Fine Wire - High quality wire made in nice 19th century buildings under spreading elm trees.

H. Cross Co. Tungsten & Molybdenum Strip - Tungsten, Thoriated Tungsten, and Molybdenum ribbon. Thickness tolerances from 0.001" to 0.00005".

Hughes 1960 Miniature Welding Equipment - Miniature resistance welding equipment - inherited from Vacuum Tube Products, which was bought by Hughes in 1959.

J&P Machine & Tool Co. Burners and Mixers - A catalog of various gas/air/oxygen burners that are essential in glass work.

Raytheon Material Purchase Specs - Molybdenum Copper Brass - Not a catalog, but what Raytheon expects its vendors to ship. A peek into the material needs of a tube manufacturer.

Secon Precision Fine Wire - Specialty fine wire.

Stupakoff 1945 Sealing Glass to Kovar - Bulletin 145 - "A treatise on the subject of glass to metal sealing with KOVAR." Westinghouse licensed its Kovar patents to Stupakoff Ceramic & Manufacturing Co., which was later bought in 1954 by Carborundum Co.

Sylvania 1962 Chemical and Metallurgical Division Brochure - A summary of the products made at Sylvania's Chemical and Metallurgical Division at Towanda, Pennsylvania.

Sylvania 1963 Chemical & Metallurgical Division Data - A collection of data sheets and price lists for the vacuum-tube related products available from the Sylvania Chemical and Metallurgical Division. Semiconductor materials are absent. 76 Mb.

Wesgo Alumina Ceramics - A West Coast vendor of precision alumina (Al2O3) in several grades.

Wilbur B Driver Ceramiseal - An iron-nickel-cobalt alloy intended to be brazed to high-alumina ceramics, such as in ceramic vacuum tubes.

Wilbur B Driver Rodar, Niromet 46, Niron 52 - Metal alloys that match the expansion coefficients of various glasses.