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Data and application notes from the tube department of Westinghouse. Listed chronologically.

Westinghouse Research Labs Data Letter 2, 1932 Gaseous Discharge Tubes - A 29-page treatise on Westinghouse's grid-glow tubes, gaseous discharge rectifiers, and glow lamps. The grid-glow tubes include both cold-cathode and heated-cathode types. Application information and typical circuits included. Note: page 21 is absent/missing.

Westinghouse 1932 Tube Data - Two pages of condensed data on Westinghouse's tubes: high vacuum tubes, CRTs, gas-filled tubes, and phototubes. Types starting with "D" are developmental types; the D is dropped when in full production.

Westinghouse 1938 Electronic Tube Prices - At this time, Westinghouse only made "industrial" tubes. Note legal wording on terms of sale and guarantee class.

Westinghouse 1940 Industrial Tubes - List of Westinghouse's industrial tubes with basic specs.

Westinghouse 1945 Easy Guide - Westinghouse's tube line-up at the end of World War II.

Westinghouse 1965 High Vacuum Amplifiers - Westinghouse's high-vacuum power tubes - from the 2E26 to the 70KW 5986. Rectifiers, gas tubes, or microwave tubes not included. 80 Mb.