General Electric Semiconductors
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Semiconductor documents and data from General Electric. Some entries are books scanned by John Atwood and uploaded to the Internet Archive.

More semiconductor technology can be found in the Technical Information Series in the General Electric section.

GE Sylvan & Gottlieb 1960 Tunnel Diodes as Amplifiers and Switches - An introduction, overview, and application examples of tunnel diodes.

GE 1961 Tunnel Diode Manual 1st Ed - The theory and application of tunnel diodes.

GE Gutzwiller & Howell 1965 Economy Power Semiconductor Applications - Seminar slides describing application of GE's new line of low-cost power semiconductors - mainly SCRs, Triacs, and UJTs.

GE Mungenast 1965 A Progess Report on Solid State Controls - IEEE conference paper on semiconductors in appliance controls. Highlights: triacs, plastic-packaged SCRs, and early ICs.

GE Dyer 1966 The Rating and Application of SCRs Designed for Switching at High Frequencies - Reprint of IEEE paper on the use of high frequency SCRs.

GE Hey 1966 Better Utilization of SCR Capability with AC Inductive Load - Improving performance of SCR controllers by adding a little inductance.

GE Morgan 1966 Basic Magnetic Functions in Converters and Inverters Including New Soft Commutation - Describes the interplay between magnetic devices(inductors, transformers, etc.) and SCRs and introduces the concept of "soft commutation".

GE Muth 1966 Using the Silicon Bilateral-Unilateral Switch - The silicon bilateral switch is a simple integrated circuit that emulates a 4-layer diode, but with identical behavior in both directions. Often used to trigger SCRs and triacs.